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Christy Wood, President, Specialty Tooth Supply, Ltd.

Specialty Tooth Supply provides artificial teeth to the dental industry. We have been serving Denturists, Dental Labs, and Dentists since 1994. We hand select our products from around the world, based on quality and value. We take your custom orders by toll free phone and e-mail. With a large stock of molds and shades on hand, we make daily courier shipments to our clients.

Enigma and Colour Tone

We are pleased to offer the aesthetically superior denture teeth of Enigma and the Enigma system for creating premium dentures or partials. Both lines are created in Austria.

Enigma is a line of high quality acrylic teeth that are translucent and opalescent so that they reflect light as natural teeth do. Enigma Colour Tone is a product used to re-create natural looking gum tissue. This combination of product can produce a denture or partial prosthetic so natural looking that it can remain the wearer’s secret. Specialty Tooth Supply stocks all Enigma shades including the HBO bleached shade.

Porcelain Lines

Specialty Tooth Supply is pleased to offer Univac and Ceraform vacuum fired Porcelain, manufactured in Europe.

The Univac molds come in both characterized and non-characterized anteriors.  Posteriors are available in N.I.C. 20°, Bio-mechanical 0°, and Dr. French poly-plane posteriors.

Ceraform is an esthetically pleasing line designed for easy comparison to Bioform™ with posteriors in a full range 0°, 10°, 20° & 30°. Ceraform comes in 7 common shades including 3 bleached shades.

Acrylic Lines

In addition to Enigma, Specialty Tooth Supply carries the Verident Plus hardened acrylic in both characterized and non-characterized anteriors. Posterior teeth are available in N.I.C. 20 °, and Biomechanical 0 °

We deal in VITA:  VITAPAN, VITAPAN PLUS,  PHYSIODENS, LINGOFORM, & VITA MFT teeth. This line is stocked in the most popular mold and shade combinations. We can order any mold/shade combination at any time.

Cutter Bar Lines

Specialty Tooth Supply stocks Centric Line porcelain, similar to Swissedent ™ and Linear Blade acrylic cutter bar posteriors with a straight stainless steel cutting blade set into the lower posterior.  We also stock posterior zigzag cutter Myerson M-O posts with their thin ribbon of Vitallium®

I look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Christy Wood, President
Specialty Tooth Supply, Ltd