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Dr. French Posteriors

Univac Dr. French Porcelain Posteriors

Designed and developed over 8 years, Dr. French’s Posteriors are designed with the following features:

  • They resemble the natural in so far as function will permit.
  • Uppers are made so they accept the movements of the lowers and function with them.
  • Balanced occlusion can be easily obtained without interference. If we have contact on both sides of the mouth during working excursion, we distribute the force of the bite more evenly over the entire area instead of concentrating it on one point.
  • They are easy running and won’t lock or trip.
  • They allow for normal settling without disturbing articulation.
  • They are efficient in mastication.
  • They meet mechanical requirements. That is, they function under edentulous conditions, in accordance with sound mechanical laws.

Dr. French molds.


Download Dr. French flyer in PDF (518 KB)