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Vita Classic

VITAPAN Acrylic Teeth

The classic choice among modern denture teeth

VITAPAN Classic.

Product Description

Modern diversity – This is what makes VITAPAN acrylic teeth the classic VITA tooth choice.


The VITA MRP (microfiller reinforced polyacrylic) material – proven over decades –,which is used in VITAPAN, is still unrivalled thanks to the lowest abrasion values of acrylic teeth.


More than 30 different upper anterior sets, suited to the superior standard technique, are available. They are divided into four mold groups with corresponding lower and posterior sets.


VITAPAN anterior teeth can be combined with VITAPAN or VITA LINGOFORM posterior teeth.


Two concepts for posteriors – always the perfect solution:

  • Properties: CUSPIFORM with narrow, semianatomically shaped occlusal surfaces. SYNOFORM with abraded occlusal surfaces.
  • Consequences: Suitable for all common setups in compliance with the laws of mechanical tooth/joint guidance.
  • Benefit: The two concepts for posteriors allow to fabricate highly individual and differentiated restorations.


  • Properties: Anatomically preabraded occlusal surfaces featuring age appropriate design.
  • Consequences: Can be used for all setups - including lingualized setup – in compliance with the laws of mechanic tooth/joint guidance and neuromuscular mandibular guidance.
  • Benefit: One tooth for all cases – simple, safe, quick, and precise.

Mold Charts

Download VITAPAN mold charts in PDF (1,359 KB)